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Helping people find solutions

One of the most valuable services that a human rights institution can offer is the opportunity for early, effective, informal dispute resolution. Mediation is often the fastest way to a satisfying resolution. Mediation is a voluntary process in which both parties in a complaint work with an impartial Commission mediator to arrive at a solution.

In 2022, the Commission revamped our mediation model to increase our capacity so that we can resolve cases sooner or refer them to the Tribunal more swiftly. Here are the highlights:

The Commission is also expanding the use of conciliation. Under section 47 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the Commission can refer complaints to conciliation at various stages of the process. Conciliation is like mediation, but is mandatory, not voluntary.

Mediation and conciliation can be very effective at resolving both individual and systemic or complex complaints early in the process. The Commission offers this service free of charge to the parties and it has often resulted in significant outcomes for people who are involved.