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Employment equity

In recent years, as part of our work to help employers in Canada proactively identify, remove and prevent barriers to employment equity, we added new tools to our auditing toolbox. One of them uses an innovative horizontal auditing approach to identify systemic barriers for specific designated employment equity groups within specific employment sectors. We are using this approach to produce sector-wide reports, complete with examples of the common practices that can be used to address under-representation and promote inclusion.

Here are the highlights from our work in 2021 in conducting horizontal audits:

Other employment equity updates

Blitz Audit

In 2021, we launched the latest innovation in our audit toolkit: a new blitz approach for private sector employers with less than 300 employees. We have developed it to help smaller employers better understand their obligations under the Employment Equity Act, and to help them comply without having to go through a full audit. Using this blitz audit, we can help these employers identify gaps in representation in their workforce and measures to address any barriers.

Providing our input in how to improve the Employment Equity Act

When our society evolves it is important that our laws evolve with it. That is why in 2021 we lent our expertise to the federal government's task force reviewing the Employment Equity Act. From necessary updates to dated terminology, to other improvements needed to ensure this important legislation remains an inclusive tool for change, we are working to develop a formal submission on proposed changes to the Act.